Thursday, December 29, 2011

Career Change

The last few days I've been reflecting on all the changes in my life over this last year.  Sure, everyone goes through change but 2011 was a really big year for me.  Here are just some of the major changes in my life over the past 12 months...

  • Address - moved into this apartment exactly 1 year ago New Year's Eve, the first time in my entire life I've lived by myself (and I love it)
  • Size - down 4 clothing sizes and a good 40 pounds from this time last year
  • Vehicle - bought my first new car in 20 years (this is also the first time I shopped, negotiated and purchased a car all by myself)
  • Relationships - Ended, or rather transformed, a long term relationship that wasn't working 
  • Friends - Let some go, reconnected with others, and met some amazing new people who I'm delighted to have in my life
  • Travel - went on my first real vacation in well over 10 years and the first ever all by myself
  • Diet - changed everything about how I eat, transforming from a junk-food-junkie to a clean living paleo gal

Big stuff!

A lot changed in my work too, and as the year wore on I found myself more and more disenchanted with web design, bookkeeping and admin work (the mainstays of my career for most of my life) and exploring farther and farther into the world of metaphysics, intuition, channeling, psychic development and healing.  My writing also exploded, first in the form of projects for others, then my own writing and channeling, and finally through this blog.

I was also forced to rethink some things that aren't working for me anymore.  A big thing is this tendency I have to be the assistant.  Oh yeah I'm good at it and I love the people I work with (past and present) but being the assistant forever won't allow me to pursue my own dreams.  I didn't really get this until I asked a friend to help me with a project and he turned me down saying he wants to concentrate on his own work so he can eventually stop being the "assistant" in his industry.  My feelings were hurt at first, partly because I know it's a great project and it likely won't happen without his contribution and also because I kind of took it as a personal rejection.  But after I thought about it I realized he's just like me.  We both want to work on our own stuff and continuing to "do" for everyone else will never get us there.  So that was a huge ah-ha moment.

A second thing was coming to terms with my Law of Attraction coaching.  I love Manifesting and the Law of Attraction and I've seen some huge successes and met some pretty amazing people through this work.  However I also have been forced to face the fact that it's not as simple as everyone makes it sound and that we don't always get what we want.  At least I don't.  And that's caused a huge internal conflict in me.  How do I keep coaching and promising people they can have the moon when ... well when maybe they can't?  It's become such a huge ethical dilemma that it's gotten to the point that coaching just isn't so much fun anymore.  So while I'm not going to hang up that hat entirely, it needs to take a back seat to other things which I'm finding more fulfilling and empowering right now, both to me and my clients.

Which brings me to the subject of this post: Career Change!

It's time for change in that area of my life... major change.  And for the past few days I've been thinking really deeply about that.  How it looks, how it feels, how it allows me to have the lifestyle I want, how it helps people, how it contributes to the world, and how I can set it up in a way that supports me.

So here's what I'm doing... Over the next few days I'm doing a lot of "internal work" to really get clear about this new direction in my work life.  What I know so far is that it's going to be in the metaphysical/psychic type fields and I'll still be doing coaching, consulting and guiding.  I'll share more as the details come into focus and hopefully right after the first of the year I'll be off and running!

It's going to be an exciting year!


  1. Congrats on ALL the above. Looks like it was a heck of a year for you. May 2012 be brighter and full of more wonderful events.

  2. Definitely an exciting year. You've got this girl!


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