Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chillin' on the Ohio River and Channeling

Today I spent the day at a friend's house, playing with her dogs, eating some good paleo food, and soaking in the scenery.

She lives in a short row of ... well of row houses, right on the Ohio river.  I'd be a little leery of living so close to such a big river, what with the flooding and all, but she's been there a while and assures me she's never had a major problem with it.

Even still... I'd be parking a boat in my back yard if I lived there!

Oh, and speaking of back yards, here's a view from her back deck.  Not right up against the river but pretty darn close!  All day I watched for a barge to go by so I could take a picture of that but I never saw one so this will have to do.

The trees are a little blurry, I know and I'm not sure how that happened so I'm gonna chalk it up to "artistic flair!"  I know, I know... keep my day job :p


One cool thing that I got to do today was practice my channeling.  For those who don't know, channeling is connecting with non-physical beings or entities who - well who don't live on earth.  Through the channel - me in this case - they can deliver general messages or even answer specific questions.  Today my friend facilitated by asking questions which the group I channel answered through me while I was in a light trance.  Pretty cool stuff!

Though I've been channeling many years informally, I've only recently "come out of the closet" and let people know about it.  Right now I'm working on honing my skills and feeling more comfortable in front of people, and soon I'll be offering small group sessions in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.  I'm also going to do phone or Skype sessions for individuals. Let me know if you'd like to schedule one... I could really use the practice :)

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