Friday, December 2, 2011

I Really Need Some Alone Time!

This has been the strangest few weeks. Usually after hustle and bustle of the psychic fair I get some much needed down time, during which I withdraw from the outside world for a while to rest, meditate, slow down and recharge my batteries.

That hasn’t happened this year and in fact I’ve been just as busy every day since the psychic fair as I was the few weeks prior. Work projects keep piling up – heck I even worked a little on Thanksgiving day – and some of my own projects are taking shape and really pushing me to get moving on them.

Not that I’m complaining – I so appreciate the money aspect – keep that coming! Plus the work I do is varied and interesting and it seems to be finally moving in the direction I've been intending. Long time coming there! Also, since I’ve changed how I eat I generally have a lot more sustained energy, which has been a godsend.

But even still – I sure would like a few days (or weeks) of uninterrupted “me time.” Time to do nothing but relax, sleep as much as I want to, take long walks, be completely alone in my thoughts, and just experience and enjoy being me.

Not sure how I’m going to swing that right now though. Even as I write this I'm waiting for a client (note - this was written earlier today to be posted when I got home). Then tomorrow (Saturday) it’s another full day of work and spending time with friends. Sunday I have to catch up on some client projects that are due Monday and then a new week starts with appointments booked every single day.

Maybe I’ll get that me time sometime next year :)


  1. Time is whipping by. I can't believe that it's only 23 days until Christmas, well in 4 minutes it will be 22 days until Christmas.

    Enjoy the time off ( if you get it). I too will be getting a week and a 1/2 off, and l am really looking forward to it too. My own bed, and time grand!!!! lol

  2. Saturday was cancelled and I'm so happy! I haven't done anything but sit around in my pajamas all day... it feels sooo good :)


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