Thursday, December 22, 2011

Making Applesauce

I'm not quite sure how this happened but over the past week or so I came into possession of well over a dozen apples.  Now I enjoy a nice, juicy apple now and again, but not to the tune of 12 or more all at once.  So after a few days of crunching some raw and frying others in butter and cinnamon I was done with them for a while.  But I still had a dozen left and couldn't find any eager takers.

So when I was at my Mom's last night I nabbed her applesauce mill and this afternoon set to work on saucing those apples!  If you haven't made applesauce before it's really quite easy.

Start with a nice stack of apples - pyramid stacking is optional but makes them look snazzy...

Then core and slice into 1/8s.  I suppose you could do quarters or even halves if you're lazy but the smaller slices cook just a little faster.

Then add a little water and go have a cup of coffee and relax while you let them simmer a while.  You know they're done when they fall apart and look something like this...

Next spoon some of the cooked apples into the applesauce mill and spin the pestle round and round so the applesauce comes out the holes in the sides.  Keep scraping the sauce off the sides and the peels down to the bottom and milling again and again until there's virtually nothing left inside but peels.  You'll know you're done either when nothing is coming out the holes or your arm is too tired to continue :)

When you're done take the mill out of the bowl, draw a little happy face in it and take a picture! Yum.... applesauce :)

By the way, you could probably add sugar or another sweetener (while it's still warm) but this is paleo-sauce so I just went with straight apples. Oh and if you don't have an applesauce mill and can't swipe one from a neighbor or relative than a metal strainer will work in a pinch.  It's just a whole lot more work!

Happy saucing :)


  1. OMG! Once again, you have far more patience than me. Than I ever will. Kudos Maria!

  2. You're so funny! Except for the cooking time all that didn't take more than 20 min. Well except the smiley face... that took HOURS to perfect! ;^)


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