Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Most Beautiful Song in the World

mystical music - the song of life
No I’m not talking about music…at least not your normal, everyday, run of the mill stuff. I’m talking about the song of life itself. The song you can not only hear, but absorb and experience with every single one of your senses. The song that makes you feel vibrantly alive and completely one with all of creation.

This song is intimately personal and expresses itself differently to each individual. For myself, I’ve been blessed to experience the song of life a few times, and each time it’s different, deeply moving, and profoundly beautiful.

Where have I heard this song?

I heard it while sitting in the midst of a babbling brook near the apartment I used to live in, losing myself in water swirling around my feet as it cascaded over the rocks.

I heard it in the roar of Niagara Falls as I stood on the deck of a tour boat, lost in the music of the falls and the feel of the spray up on my face.  Closing my eyes, I felt the falls swallow me, making the entire world disappear until nothing was left except that wonderful, thundering sound.

I heard it in the middle of a meadow, smiling contentedly as the sun kissed my face with its gentle warmth. I remember keenly the gentle breeze rustling through the grass and the smell of the wildflowers tantalizing my nose with their heavenly scent. Ahhhhh.....

I heard it in the belly of a storm, feeling the electricity in the air as my body reverberated with the booming thunder. Such power! I can hardly describe the feeling of pure excitement mixed with sheer terror as the rain pelted my body, lightening crashed nearby, and I felt and smelled the electricity. And yet I was grinning. From ear to ear. I wonder…. Do the trees tremble in fear at a huge storm or sway gleefully back and forth dancing to its song?

I heard it in the gentle chatter of wildlife, busily going about their business. The chatter of the squirrels, birds chirping, and things moving about in the forest. When I close my eyes and listen closely I can pick out the individual instruments of nature’s orchestra, some playing melody and others harmony - blending together in a perfect symphony that no human can duplicate.

I heard it in the eye of a tornado, which I experienced as a young girl. The storm was terrifying and then there was a dead calm. Nothing moved. Not a sound was heard and it was as if the entire world was frozen in time and space. I spoke and my voice boomed through the silence. There is something powerful and so reverent about that silence. I still vividly remember the sound that silence made, the peculiar scent in the air, the way the colors looked different. It was awe inspiring.

And yes, I have heard it in a few – a very rare few – pieces of human created music. Music that isn’t composed but rather plays through the composer. Music that permeates every cell of my body, causing me to dance to its hypnotic tune. Music that awakens parts of me I didn’t know existed, and takes me to lands I’ve never been to before. Music that sings the song of life itself… music of the soul.

What about you… where have you heard the song of life?

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