Monday, December 19, 2011

Paleo and Dishes

If you've been following along you know that I've been doing a stint washing dishes for a catering company.  Really fun gig but its way more physical activity than I'm used to.  I literally run around all day long, washing, drying, putting away, then doing it all over again.  Some of the pots are really heavy and it's no easy task to plunge them in the sink, wash, lift to dump out the water, then rinse and lift again to dry.  Plus I find myself hiking trays of glasses over my head to stack them up. 

While the exercise feels good, it also taxes my rather soft muscles and I'm really tired by the time I get home.

Anyway, while eating breakfast this morning (a nice paleo meal of scrambled eggs, onion, and mushrooms swimming in luscious butter) it occurred to me that there's no way I could keep going like I am if I wasn't eating this way.  While I'm not bouncing off the walls, I do have sustained energy that allows me to work at a decent pace all day long with nary a break.  Sometimes I don't even stop for lunch which means I'm going 9-10 hours or more without eating.  And though I get a little hungry by late afternoon, I don't slow down or get cranky until I'm nearing the home stretch.

Just another cool benefit of living the paleo lifestyle... allows you to wash dishes all day long with little decline in efficiency or humor :)

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