Monday, December 26, 2011

Planning Day - Work Stuff

This planning day has turned into much more of a "musing day."  But that's ok.  The whole point is to reflect on the last year and think about the upcoming year so that I can get my head around a master plan of sorts!

I've had lots of master plans over the years, some which I took from that initial spark of an idea all th way through planning, launch, growth, and beyond.  And a lot that never got off the drawing board.  But such is life.  If every idea came to pass the world would be so crowded there'd be no room for all the people.

Anyway, what I came up with regarding work is this:

Since it's been on my list anyway for the past 10 years or better it must be pretty important to me so in 2012 I'm going to make a concerted effort to bring this one to fruition!  Here it is again, just so I'm perfectly clear:

This year I will do work that I love, that helps people and contributes to the world around me, that supports me comfortably, and that allows me to have a completely mobile lifestyle.

That clear enough?

How I get from where I am today to where I want to be remains to be seen.
Exactly what type of work that is remains to be seen.

But I have some ideas, and all day long I've been turning them over and over in my mind, trying on this and that to see how it feels, looking in my mental mirror to see how it looks, and projecting exactly one year into the future to imagine what I'll be thinking about on next year's planning day.

While absolutely nothing is written in stone yet (or even in sand at this point), there are a few things that became crystal clear to me and I want to put them out there, both as reminders to myself and a way of becoming accountable later:

First, virtually everything will change.  I've already dropped 80% of what I do for work and I expect over this next year another 19% or so will drop off too, leaving me with a mere 1% or less of what I'm currently doing.  This doesn't mean I won't take elements of what I already do with me.  But it will look, feel and be completely different than it is today.

Second, it is my intent to be in an entirely different physical location this time next year.  I don't know if I'll be living there, traveling through there or what but I've been wanting to leave this area for about half my life now and it's time I do it!  Family I love you but not sure I'll be here for Christmas next year.

Third, I am completely willing to make sacrifices, put blinders on, say no when necessary, and do whatever it takes to get me from here to there.  If that means more dish washing to pay the rent while I pursue my dreams that's fine.  If it means turning down lucrative work because it would divert me from my greater purpose that's fine too.  This is about building a life folks, not current or even future security.  It's been my experience that there is no true security in a bank account anyway so yes, I'm willing to risk ALL to live this dream of mine!

Big stuff.  Huge stuff! 

I'll definitely be writing more - a lot more - as things unfold.

Oh and one more thing.  I want to thank those people who've been helping me so far and supporting me through all these big changes I've been going through.  Though I am in a quandary about a lot of relationship stuff, I really do have a few good friends I can count on and who've been instrumental in helping me believe I can do this.  Keep talking to me people.  Keep supporting me, checking in, nudging me along, and even giving me a stern "talking to" when I need it! Really... you ARE the wind beneath my wings and oh man I'm gonna soar!


  1. This is great, but if you want to add more detail in your affirmation, it could be... what is the exact work you love, that helps people how, and what is "comfortable" to you? What does complete mobile lifestyle look like to you? You might not want to include such detail in this general affirmation but you may want to have it written somewhere. That's just me - what worked for me. You go with whatever works for you. Good stuff Maria! I'm proud of you!

    Your commitment to have changes made by this time next year make me feel like a slacker! I'm shooting for 3-5 years out. You go girl!!! :)

  2. No specifics yet as this is just the very beginning stages.

    I have to put my pedal to the medal here or I know another year will go by with nothing accomplished.

    So yeah I'm pushing myself!

  3. Oh and I am a slacker...I was shooting for this 6 years ago!


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