Friday, February 3, 2012

Off the wagon

Well I finally cracked.  Yesterday marked my first major transgression since committing to paleo eating some 3 months ago.

I'd been having sugar cravings for well over a week.  Weird because I experienced none of that when I initially gave up sugar and grains last fall.  So why was it hitting me how?  Could it be all those blueberries I've been eating?  Some nutritional deficiency?  The dreams I've been having lately?

Who knows.

Anyway, I was taking a friend to her yoga class and we were early so we decided to stop at Panera for coffee.  Yeah I know - I said no coffee the other day but it sounded pretty good so I thought "one cup won't hurt me."  We get to the counter and my head says "1 small black coffee please" but out of my mouth comes "latte and chocolate chip cookie."  I swear my mouth - well it had a mouth of it's own in that moment!

As I sat there sipping the latte and eating the cookie I found myself wondering what the heck I was doing.  The cookie was ok - way too sweet - and the latte was good but not amazing.  But yet I couldn't stop myself.  It was as if I was watching and experiencing it at the same time.

So yeah.... drop the friend off at her class then drove home, reflecting on what had happened.  I fully expected to get a sugar rush.  Didn't happen.  I expected to feel slightly sick.  Didn't happen.  In fact I felt great the rest of the night.  Full of energy and happy!  I expected the scale to go up again.  It didn't. It went down over a pound.

So what's going on here?  Do I forgo my paleo ways in favor of cookies and lattes?  Seriously, though this transgression wasn't huge in the grand scheme of things I know how I am and can easily see myself falling down that slippery slope of junk food mania.  I'm on unstable ground here folks.... someone throw me a line!


  1. Oh man, wish I had one to throw ya - especially that would reach from here to there but I'm out of ideas on this food stuff. I'd have to say you're ok. Tread lightly if you can. Love and hugZ, D

  2. Yup - I'm actually more than ok :)

    More big changes on the horizon!

  3. Maria,
    Have you ever tried Teeccino instead of coffee.... they have a great website. Coffee substitute with figs and dates very yummy I think, but then again I don't like coffee................ the sweet thing is so hard to resist.... :)


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