Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lining up work

One of the things I need to figure out in order to launch my trip around the country is the funding.  There are two parts to this equation:

  1. Start up - buying the rig and accessories and having a savings cushion in case of major expenses
  2. Ongoing expenses - daily, weekly, monthly living expenses

I've been thinking a lot about this, and lately business opportunities have been coming my way.  There's just one problem:

The opportunities I think I'd like doing all tie me to Cincinnati and the ones that don't appeal to me at all are the ones with mobile potential.

So what's the message here?  Is this my inner being trying to tell me I need to stay here?  I hope not because I really, really want to do this RV thing!

So today I had this "come to Jesus" talk with God (ha! that sounds funny) in which I basically said that I need to start becoming aware of opportunities that are in alignment with my dreams - ie they have to be BOTH mobile and something I enjoy doing.

Let's see what comes up in the next few weeks.

Oh and feel free to chime in if you have any ideas... I'm open to anything and everything :)


  1. going to give it serious thought and will get back to you....Chele.

  2. It will happen. You know me. I'm a firm believer that God doesn't give us visions and dreams of things we can't fulfill. Keep barking at Him. I also believe He's there for us on all levels - angry, frustrated, confused, happy, peaceful, serene. Doesn't matter. Just keep talking to him from all angles. No matter how you feel at the time. Love and hugZ! D


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