Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mind chatter

For a little while today I had trouble concentrating on my work, drifting off instead to dreams of the life I want to live.  When I close my eyes I'm already there, sitting by (or even in) some scenic water feature and relishing the wholeness of creation as it permeates my senses.

I go there often in my mind - have been for years.  And as long as I don't open my eyes it's perfect.

But open my eyes I must as there's work to be done, and as my focus comes back to my immediate surrounds the mind chatter begins. 

See there's this little monkey dude running around in my head telling me that I'm never going to get the things I want.  And there's this other monkey dude telling me that I have to figure out the how. And another one telling me I'm going to have to give up some of my dreams in order to achieve others.  And still another saying the life I want is for others but not me.

Shut up all ready!

I've heard it all, I know all the excuses and gosh-darnit, I'm sick of hearing it!  Time for big, mama, mambo monkey to come in and stomp all you little naysayers!

She's sassy, she knows what she wants, and she doesn't take no for an answer.  More and more she's asserting herself and you know what... those little dudes are running for cover.

Good riddance! 


  1. You are making me laugh and yes, this is the way to do it....Keep going.....Yah-Mambo! haha. Chele

  2. "Big, mama, mambo monkey?" Is that an Ohio thing? I love it! You go girl! :)


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