Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Moon Creation Ceremony

Today there is a new moon and it's in the astrological sign of Aries.  I don't know a lot about astrology but I know people who do and they have told me it's a very powerful new moon for creation and expansion.

Aries is a fire sign which is about movement and taking action and with this new moon falling in Aries (the sun is in Aries too) it's likely that we will find ourselves entering new, exciting and perhaps scary life changes that seem revolutionary and earth shattering to us.  This is a time of major expansion in which our imagination runs wild and we're able to envision entirely new dimensions we hadn't even fathomed previously.  Major turning points are on the way for many of us so get ready for the ride!

In my own life I feel as though I've been on the cusp of major change for quite some time now.  I know I'm mere steps away from an entirely different life and yet I haven't been able to see the details clearly enough to make much headway.  I'm excited about this new moon, as I know it will give me just the push I need to take that leap of faith into bold, new horizons!

To celebrate and usher in the energy of the Aries full moon, I'm doing a "Creation Ceremony" as soon as I finish this blog post.  I'm lighting 2 candles, a green one for abundance and a white one for spiritual insight and I'm making a new creation board.

What's a creation board?  It's a collage made of poster board with pictures and words on it.  There's lots of color and even glitter if I can find some!  I'm not making it in Photoshop either.  The point is to experience a tactile connection to the things I'm creating so I'll be cutting out and pasting pictures, and drawing with markers.  Fun stuff!

I'm also writing a list of the top few things I want to create and planting that list in a pot with flower seeds.  I did this last year and as the flowers grew and bloomed I watched my dreams come into reality too.  So I'm excited to do it again and to watch the results over the next few months!

Try it yourself and see how it makes you feel.  If you miss out tonight don't worry... you can do the ceremony tomorrow or even Saturday (first 3 days of the new moon are the most powerful I'm told).  Oh and if you want to know more about the new moon in Aries check out these links:

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