Friday, March 23, 2012

Overlooking the obvious

Sometimes something can be right in front of my face and I simply don't see it.

This happened to me the other day, when I spent a while looking for my phone, which was in my hand!

It also happened to me today, as I was talking with someone about having an office without having an office.  While I have met people at different restaurants and coffee shops before, it always seemed awkward to settle on a place and time.  The ah-ha moment today was that I can pick half a dozen places around town and use them as a kind of "around the town" offices.

So like Monday office hours may be from 2-4 at the coffee shop on the east side.  Tuesday it may be from 1-3 at the place on the north side.  And so on.  That way I can set up appointments according to my office schedule, I don't have to have the "where do you want to meet" discussion, and I don't wear out my welcome at any one place.  Additionally, because I'm frequenting the same several places I get to know the people there a bit, I learn which tables are best for meetings, where the power outlets out, and which times are least crowded.  An all around great solution for having an "around the town" office.

Of course this will all change once I go mobile.  After that meetings can be done at coffee shops, in parks, at a library, or anywhere else that's conductive to people meeting people.  Assuming that's what I do.  If most of my business ends up being conducted via phone and internet this becomes much less of an issue.

But for now I'm glad I finally saw this obvious piece, and can now start building my own network of "offices" to meet clients at.


  1. When I first moved to Loveland and started my business there-everyone wanted to meet at Starbucks-and I found myself there 5 times in one day-trying all the different stuff they offered....was, I gently started directing people to other office was in my home,at the time.You will have a great time exploring. CheLe

  2. No, your office was at Starbucks with that cute little guy you used to oogle at :P


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