Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is in bloom

Took this picture at my bosses' house.  The office is on the second floor and I opened the window and sat on the sill, hanging half way out over the front porch.

I'm such a dare-devil :p

What you're looking at is the top of a Bradford Pear tree, which right now is in bloom with pretty white flowers.  Unfortunately these trees also have a rather strong scent to them which, I'm not sure I'd describe as pleasant.  Good thing scent doesn't travel through the internet!


  1. 2 in my front yard and 5 across the street. Still green right now. Turning white soon. Yep, I know the smell well, I mean fragrance (LOL).

  2. What was the tree that grew on the side yard with the pretty white flowers every spring?

  3. Also a Bradford pear I think, but I don't remember that one smelling like these do. Also do you remember the Japanese maple by the garage?

  4. Yes, it was the first tree I ever climbed! And it was pretty.


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