Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Start from ground zero

I've been listening to a lot more Abraham-Hicks material lately.  I go back and forth with this type of stuff, as we all do.  You know - listen and read for a while then move on to something else then come back again later.  Anyway, I can't remember which audio I heard it on but there was this quote that really stuck with me:

Being satisfied where I am and eager for
more is the fastest path to what I want.

Isn't that cool!  I liked it so much I actually taped it to the wall... and that doesn't happen often :)

So let's think about this for a minute.  

  • How can you be satisfied where you are when you don't have what you want?  
  • How can being happy with where you are get you what you want?  
  • Won't it just keep you right where you are?

Good questions.... glad you asked!

First, think about how you feel when you're satisfied.  You're content, happy and going positively about your day.  You enjoy life and look forward to many little pleasures.  You love your family and friends and have your fun activities and interests.  All in all life is good.

What a perfect platform from which to launch an even better life!  You already know what good feels like.  You already know what happy is.  So it's just a matter of incrementally stepping up the scale.  From happy it's easier to be happier.  From content it's easy to slide right into even more content.  Doing the things you want to do and getting the things you want seem perfectly natural because they ARE perfectly natural.  You're just going along with the flow of life and taking the next obvious step, which happens to be toward the things you want.

Contrast that with trying to create a better life when you feel like crap.  I don't know about you but when I feel like crap it's dang hard to remember what being happy is like.  On top of that, it's near impossible to see the path to getting there.  Nothing seems like a natural progression to better times because from the point of miserable nothing can be.  Misery can only beget misery so it's no wonder it's so hard to get what you want when you're unhappy about what you already have.


Back to the point:  Find a way to be happy NOW!

Then - from that space - launch your rockets of desire.  They'll come fast - a lot faster than you ever imagined.  And from there things will just keep getting better and better :)


  1. Awesome post. Thanks! Chele

  2. Love this post. And for some reason, a little sideways but still on track, albeit barely, this reminded me of something a late, great friend used to say. "Remember, wherever you go, there you are." :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Theres a line of scripture that I realized one day fit me so well that I actually had it printed on my checks....I think its in Phillippians---goes like this---"I have learned in whatever state I am in, therein to be content".....note the writer is not referring to "state" as in Ohio, Illinois, etc....but rather his state of mind, financial condition/health condition/relationship condition...I in my life have had plenty, and very little.....I can honestly say that I am now very content, in the middle so to speak.

    Have a wonderful day Maria!

    1. P.S....I have to add here that I disagree with your statement "misery can only beget misery"....if that were true, a person feeling/living "miserable" would never be anything BUT miserable! And I for one KNOW first hand that is just not true! Misery does NOT have to last indefinitely.....

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    John, misery can only beget misery unless and until you change your mind. Same is true for any state of mind actually. Change is require to feel differently. It's just often so subtle that people don't realize it has happened.

  5. The audio you found this quote was on youtube as "how to win the lottery"; but it's been already removed because of a copyright claiming :-(

  6. Thanks for letting me know where the quote came from. I listened to so much that day I couldn't remember where I heard it.

    Your note about it being removed for copyright infringement reminds me of something: My first Reiki teacher told me that we are all one and it's the same energy. By naming it though people can trademark it and charge big bucks to teach you their "secret."

    Same with TRUTH. It's all out there freely available. Only the packaging can be copyrighted and charged for.


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