Saturday, April 14, 2012


The taxes are done --- finally!

This year I found myself saying over and over, “Maria you have to get this done!” then putting it off longer and longer until I finally ran out of time.

I know why too. I had this suspicion I’d owe money this year and ugh! Turns out I was right :/

First time through I ended up owing THOUSDANDS… which, given my income, I could hardly fathom. A double check revealed a decimal error which thankfully turned the thousands into hundreds…. Whew!

But I still owe money and it’s money I really don’t have to spare which kind of makes me bitter toward the government. I mean it’s not like they use OUR money sparingly, live on a budget or have to do without right?

So looking for something to be grateful for (and frankly not finding it in this moment) I sent the return and payment in, deciding to be grateful that it wasn’t thousands after all :)

And I resolved that next year I’ll owe more in taxes than I made for all of 2011! Why? Because if I owe that much it means I made a whole heck of a lot more than that so hey… I’ll be happy to share the wealth!

Oh and after completing this momentous task I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. I took myself down to the corner grocery and got a nice, rich piece of double fudge cake and a pint of ice cream!

Definitely NOT paleo but after today’s tax hassle trust me… nothing was gonna make me feel better than that ooey-gooey-chocolaty-goodness!

Ahhhh…. I feel so much better now :-D


  1. The cake and ice cream was a fitting reward for finishing your taxes on time!! I wish I could say mine were done as well.....maybe if I keep travelling and working as an I.C. the IRS will forget about me....

  2. I wish they'd forget about me too. Could live on even less if I didn't have to support their wanton spending habits!


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