Saturday, April 21, 2012

Through newcomers eyes

I've been working the psychic fair for a few years and been somewhat involved in the community for well over a decade now.  So as cool as all this stuff is, it's also old hat to me and I sometimes forget the awe and wonder I felt the first time I experienced this type of thing.

Today I got a rare treat as I got to view the fair through the eyes of a newcomer and once again catch a glimpse of the sparkle that captivated me so many years ago.

It started innocently enough as a friend arrived and I showed him around a bit.  As we walked and I pointed out different booths and vendors, I became more and more aware of how excited this young man was and how he practically floated off the ground with each step.  Truly this was like Christmas for him and he could hardly contain himself as he looked at all the cool stuff and tried to decide what to experience first. 

I had to get back to work so he drifted off to meander through booths, get a reading and attend some seminars.  But throughout the day as our paths crossed I continued to notice how happy he was and how awe struck by everything there is to do there.  What a blessing to be reminded of how exciting it is to see things with beginner's eyes. 

Makes me want to find shiny, new things to experience in my own life, or at the very least order a new set of eyes for myself so I can capture that amazement and wonder I saw in that young man today.

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  1. Not a complete analogy by any means, however why I frequent places like Carmargo Trading Company and as long ago as when it used to be Flowers of the Meadow----rooms of eye-oogleing stuff to look at-----now max that out at huge and you have the Fair...pretty cool.Chele


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