Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sealing the deal

Ever since jumping off the fence a couple weeks ago, I've been doggedly making progress toward a mobile career doing spiritual guidance and intuitive readings.  So far I've purchased business cards, handed out coupons, told all my friends and associates, and done some networking.  All with so-so results.  I'm getting my name out there but it hasn't converted to many clients... yet.

There's also a confidence thing, which I think is normal when jumping into any new endeavor. I've been doing this type of work for years, but not professionally and rarely for strangers.  So there's this whole "can I really do this" thing going on under the surface.

All that changed last weekend though.  A friend invited me to share a booth at a local street fair, and we spent a solid 3 days doing readings for dozens of people.  Between the two of us we did over 150 readings, and the response was very positive.  No, it was wonderful!


Despite almost 30 hours of work in 2.5 days and near 90 degree temperatures, I came home Sunday night feeling energized and ready for more! 

Since then other things have diverted me - heck I'm not even posting this until today and it's Wednesday already!  But I was so happy to do readings, talk to people, and really feel like I'm a positive influence in their life.

So the deal is sealed.  I definitely know I jumped off the right side of the fence, and I can't wait to venture even further into my field of dreams :)

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  1. Good Job----now I need to get on my sleep.....Chele


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